Partnership / Membership


All our programs are open to the public - no membership is ever required.    However, even though there are no official Membership dues at the SJC we turn to every individual and family who benefits and enjoys our services and programs to join in the annual Membership (Partnership). 

This voluntary membership supports the upkeep of our building and enables us to continue offering our services to the Jewish community.  

We truly appreciate your support!



Belonging to an amazing Jewish community & building lifelong friendships

10% discount at the SJC Café.

50% discount on Shabbat Meals.

5% discount on Hebrew School tuition.

10% discount on all events and programs.

Special discount on Holiday Meals.


Free membership at Shanghai United Family Hospital

    20% discount for healthcare services

   10% discount for dental services.

   Membership card that can be used at any United Family Hospitals facility in China.