Shanghai Jewish History

Jewish life in Shanghai dates back to the beginning of the 19th century,
but virtually disappeared following World War II.

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Jewish Refugees Museum

The Ohel Moshe Synagogue (Móxi Huětáng),

Chángyáng Lů 62, Hóngkou
near Zhoushan Lu
长阳路62号, 近舟山路
tel. 021-6541 5008

Built in 1927 by the Ashkenazi Jews of Shanghai, it no longer serves as a synagogue, but as a museum devoted to the history o the Jews in Shanghai.

Visitors are welcome on weekdays from 9am to 4:30pm.

Entrance Fee: 50 RMB
Groups 10 or more 40 RMB
Students 10 RMB


Tours of Jewish Shanghai

The best way to visit the historic sites is on the wonderful "Tour of Jewish Shanghai" conducted by appointment with Dvir Bar-Gal


The tour usually start at the Peace hotel ( built by Sir Victor Sassoon) goes to Hongkou district (known as the Shanghai ghetto) visiting various places there include Ohel Moshe, monument and Chinese (former Jewish refugee) home and ending in the Childrens palace (Sir Kadoorie former home).





Tours by Center Jewish Studies Shanghai


Visitors are welcome to visit the Center upon request in advance.
Staffs at CJSS can also provide assistance in making reservation or arrangement for an one-day tour of "Jewish Sites in Shanghai" with Hebrew/English-speaking guides, or scheduling a meeting, Seminar, or forum with the professors and graduate students at the Center.

Address:622/7 Huai Hai Road (M) Suite476 Shanghai 200020, China

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Day tours in Shanghai
and other places nearby

Planning and organizing tours all over China
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